Imagine a blank sheet of crisp-white coupon bond. Silent in it’s stillness, until you decide to create. We use paper as a starting point for our dreams, from paper airplanes to thesis papers. The blank sheet has been both a fear and an inspiration. In the beginning of 2017, I lined up as everyone else did, with the same blank sheet in hand. We all started to write and form and create together. Every single one came out different. Some wrote things like loosing bad habits, some started fires to detest the power of the sheet and some simply didn’t do anything with them. However, one way or another we were all standing in that same line, in the beginning of the year with the same white sheet. 2018 is fast approaching, something to remember is that- no matter how different our minds, bodies and souls we are all one and the same. All standing in a perfectly straight line with our crisp white coupon bond in hand as the clock resets to 1/1/2018.

dis Cris




Editor’s Note

T’was the night before Christmas. Oh wait, that’s a different story. T’was the 12th of April and the year was 2012. I had given birth to this little space online called Travelagos (DIS CRIS today). I was 18, with no knowledge of producing blogs. I remember constantly wondering whether anyone would be able to understand my stories. Today, the year is 2017 and my little space online has grown into a mature community of irresistible people. I’m 23, with an acquired knowledge of blogging, I now have a better sense of my voice, although I still occasionally question whether you guys can tune into my stories. The past year has been kind to me, though rigorous, I’ve been successful in setting a foundation for my future through incessantly taking college courses from January to December. 2017 will be gruesome, though Im not expecting anything less, I plan to make a lot of mistakes and forgive myself for every single one of them. DIS CRIS will see a great change in 2017. I’ve gained much confidence to reveal myself and express my viewpoints on current events, including the Trump in the room or should I say in the oval office this coming January 20th. I’ll leave you guys with a quote I held onto this past year- love, start from within.




TALK – Happy 2016!

View of Seaworld Fireworks from Fiesta Island, San Diego.

Hey, how are you? : )

I get it, I’m writing a New Years post in early March, but why not? Id like to think the start of the lunar year begins after the rise from 2015’s many falls. When the lessons start to emerge from the unfortunate situations we all had to go through. Its difficult to get here because it means acknowledging that the past actually happened instead of just sweeping those thoughts under the beautiful rug we all keep in our hearts. Its definitely hard to sift through the shards of broken memories we kept during the past year but with doing this can we entirely experience the rise and falls of the new lunar cycle. Where new memories are yet to be realized and appreciated. So this is my New Year, I might still be in a little bit of pain but it won’t prevent me from experiencing 2016 in its full glory (neither should you!). Never fear change, because only through this can you evolve into the fullness of you. Happy 2016!






Happy 1050th Follower!

I’m absolutely ecstatic! Again thank you for clicking on my photos and taking the time to read my crazy posts. I’m still getting the hang of things but I will try to use every single bell and whistle in this joint to get something new to you guys every time. I just opened a new twitter account (travelagos1) for some behind the scenes stuff so make sure to check that out and follow me there as well! -Lago 🙂