TALK – The All Mighty Universe.

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I’ll get straight to it. Never give up and always believe in yourself. With 22 years of existence comes 22 years of wrong decisions, which eventually leads to great ones. So here I am, one month from completing a gruesome 16 unit semester. I’m contemplating between two options, the better option and the “stop being mediocre” one. I know how it feels to be mediocre, doing what you can rather than doing your best. It feels just that, mediocre. Don’t get me wrong, some people actually have lives other than school. I on the other hand, don’t have an excuse. Well other than I’m focusing too much on my heart. Up until the end of 2015 I was the type of person who saw everyone as just friends. I had it all planned out. I was gonna live a happy “married to myself” life with a couple of dogs named Helga and Olga. It was the dream. Leave it to the year of the fire monkey to burn it all down. I liked someone, that’s so weird to admit. But I started to veer away from my focus which was Music and a second Major that I have yet to fully grasp. A week ago my brother and I drove to La Mesa for his Masters Program. We were waiting in his car because we overestimated the traffic and arrived early. We talked throughout the drive without even realizing, then it came- “we force to control the universe when in reality we’re powerless over our destinies.” My brother was unknowingly giving me life advice that I desperately needed. I was having this personal struggle about truly loving and potentially getting hurt. I was suppressing my emotions for the longest time, thinking that if I didn’t act on them then I wouldn’t feel pain. But the universe doesn’t like being controlled. I will continue to focus on my goals, up until the moment my destiny stops me in my tracks and makes me realize how much of a powerless human-being I truly am.








OTR – Las Vegas – Live Blog! [Ended]

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I’m attending a birthday dinner in Las Vegas tonight. I was supposed to leave before sunrise but my mothers riding with me and she’s running a bit late (It’s currently 10:57AM). YAZ, spring break… Haha!

I’ll be updating this blog with new pictures and entries every few hours. Enjoy, you guys!

12:12PM My wish was granted, we’re on our way.


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Hemet, Ca. Bikers close down the 215 in honor of a fallen comrade.


[The community of Hemet, Ca. mourning the loss of fallen Marine- Staff Sgt. Louis F. Cardine. Through research I found out that his base in Makhmour, Iraq was attacked by ISIS].


Baker Ca. YAZ, Hippie Alien!


[About an hour and half away from Vegas was Alien Fresh Jerky, I was hoping for a fast food joint but instead it was a very cool convenience store.]




[As we got closer to our destination I swapped seats with my mother so I can take proper shots and luckily I took this one].

[After roughly six hours of driving we finally arrived at the party. The catered Filipino food was… majestic. The “lumpia” was definitely the unfair queen that took advantage of me throughout the whole evening.]


Finally : )


[I got to my room at around 11PM but I couldn’t sleep so I moved the chase by the window to watch the Bellagio Fountains. Well apparently the shows end at midnight which was about the time I had finished rearranging the furniture. Awesome. Haha!]

Happy Easter you guys!

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TALK – Happy 2016!

View of Seaworld Fireworks from Fiesta Island, San Diego.

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I get it, I’m writing a New Years post in early March, but why not? Id like to think the start of the lunar year begins after the rise from 2015’s many falls. When the lessons start to emerge from the unfortunate situations we all had to go through. Its difficult to get here because it means acknowledging that the past actually happened instead of just sweeping those thoughts under the beautiful rug we all keep in our hearts. Its definitely hard to sift through the shards of broken memories we kept during the past year but with doing this can we entirely experience the rise and falls of the new lunar cycle. Where new memories are yet to be realized and appreciated. So this is my New Year, I might still be in a little bit of pain but it won’t prevent me from experiencing 2016 in its full glory (neither should you!). Never fear change, because only through this can you evolve into the fullness of you. Happy 2016!






The Big Easy X An Adventure In Waiting

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CLICK to read part I – The Big Easy X Death By Humidity

I found myself laying flat on the humid floor of the Louis Armstrong International Airport. As my organs slowly shut down, I contemplated the stupid things I did in the few decades of my existence. I thought, “Im very thankful to have attempted every single one of them.” In the midst of my contemplations, it had finally arrived. My brothers glorious rental had just turned into the pickup lanes of the New Orleans Airport. To other people PT was just another car, but for me at that moment, the Cruiser was a rolling glimmer of hope. When I opened the passenger door, I had hallucinations of fog slowly cascading onto the humid concrete floor like clouds before entering the pearly gates. After picking myself up off the floor I realized the depiction I had deemed to my brother was more appropriately deemed to myself. Other than sweat magically appearing on the surface of my skin, New Orleans was an adventure in waiting. As far as I knew school was out and I was there for relaxation. Never mind the weather, The Big Easy was just that. “Take a load off, Cris. You deserve this!”



TALK – It Wasn’t Meant to Be?

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Its 7:44 PM here in San Diego and I might have made the biggest mistake by deleting my draft for The Big Easy X An Adventure In Waiting, Maybe it wasn’t meant to be? Well I also wasn’t feeling my writing to be honest. Life is too short to ignore the silent whispers from within. Okay, I don’t listen all the time but those “silent whispers/my gut” has gotten me out of so much trouble and doing the opposite has given me just that. Maybe thats what “trusting myself” means. Because people can judge based on their personal history and knowledge but who knows me better than my own gut? We’ve been through so much cold pizza and fried snickers that our bond will forever be set in stone. Well that solves it then, it was my guts fault why there isn’t a Part 2 at this moment. Ha! Note to future self: always follow your “gut.” Second note: you got it kid!

Im sorry to the subs who kept receiving this post un-edited, by the way. I forgot how busy I was going to be this past week so whenever something came up I would push the schedule of the automatic post for the next day, but then Id wakeup the next morning with an un-edited blog on DISCRIS.COM. Ha! The Big Easy X An Adventure In Waiting is in the works, so patience. But yeah, SUBSCRIBE TO DISCRIS.COM!