The Big Easy X Astoundingly French

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The next morning…

Ding, ding, ding. The perfectly spaced beeps gradually grew louder as I went down the  elevator. I thought either the hotel was messing with me or my nerves were getting the best of my consciousness. Swoosh. A cool breeze swept the surface of my face as the steel elevator doors slid open.

Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis, King of France

The architecture was astounding. French details covered everything from the tiles on the floor to the moldings on the ceiling. I skipped blissfully towards the entrance (or so I imagined) anticipating what more was to come. A beautiful two story fountain occupied the center of the lobby, surrounded by a meticulously placed french inspired bar that greeted guests as they entered from the street. I thought to myself, “southern people know how to live!” Whether you wanted a glass of wine or a tasting of vodka, they had you covered two steps into the hotel. Preventing myself from tasting a whole bottle of vodka, I rushed towards the front. As I was revolving onto Main Street, the hotel chatter behind me slowly silenced while the buzz of the city engulfed my senses. It was unlike any place I have been to in my life. DSC00297DSC00292.jpg In the course of writing this blog DISCRIS reached 74,000 views and 3,400 follows. Thank you for the love you guys!

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The Big Easy X An Adventure In Waiting

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CLICK to read part I – The Big Easy X Death By Humidity

I found myself laying flat on the humid floor of the Louis Armstrong International Airport. As my organs slowly shut down, I contemplated the stupid things I did in the few decades of my existence. I thought, “Im very thankful to have attempted every single one of them.” In the midst of my contemplations, it had finally arrived. My brothers glorious rental had just turned into the pickup lanes of the New Orleans Airport. To other people PT was just another car, but for me at that moment, the Cruiser was a rolling glimmer of hope. When I opened the passenger door, I had hallucinations of fog slowly cascading onto the humid concrete floor like clouds before entering the pearly gates. After picking myself up off the floor I realized the depiction I had deemed to my brother was more appropriately deemed to myself. Other than sweat magically appearing on the surface of my skin, New Orleans was an adventure in waiting. As far as I knew school was out and I was there for relaxation. Never mind the weather, The Big Easy was just that. “Take a load off, Cris. You deserve this!”



The Big Easy X Death By Humidity


Whats up, you guys!

The Santa Ana winds are coming up strong here in San Diego and it’s just about time to take down that box of winter sweaters I wear during holiday season. How is it in your parts of the world? Its ironic because Im trying to reminisce the humid weather of New Orleans during winter season.

In 2011, my brother had moved to Mississippi for work. It was summer recess at my college so it was the perfect time to visit him. I will say he had warned me about the weather but of course being the younger brother in my mind he was over-reacting. Did anyone take History 101 in college? Well my history professor was a hard core, left-wing democrat. I remember him saying, “soldiers died from humidity during the civil war.” Which I’m sure he can back up with books and personal accounts but honestly with the death-by-humidity? Lets add more to the list of “reasons why were on the fence with the south.” Anyways, after many hours of flying, the moment had finally come and D.B.H. was an absolute possibility. In my mind the only people living in the South were either born there or lured in for a job. Thoughts started to invade my mind. Who goes south during the summer, anyways? Mardi Gras wasn’t even happening when I visited. The moment of truth eventually came in the form of a blood red exit sign. With my luggage/survival pack in hand, I walked through the automatic sliding doors that separated me from the humidity outbreak.



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