Editor’s Note

T’was the night before Christmas. Oh wait, that’s a different story. T’was the 12th of April and the year was 2012. I had given birth to this little space online called Travelagos (DIS CRIS today). I was 18, with no knowledge of producing blogs. I remember constantly wondering whether anyone would be able to understand my stories. Today, the year is 2017 and my little space online has grown into a mature community of irresistible people. I’m 23, with an acquired knowledge of blogging, I now have a better sense of my voice, although I still occasionally question whether you guys can tune into my stories. The past year has been kind to me, though rigorous, I’ve been successful in setting a foundation for my future through incessantly taking college courses from January to December. 2017 will be gruesome, though Im not expecting anything less, I plan to make a lot of mistakes and forgive myself for every single one of them. DIS CRIS will see a great change in 2017. I’ve gained much confidence to reveal myself and express my viewpoints on current events, including the Trump in the room or should I say in the oval office this coming January 20th. I’ll leave you guys with a quote I held onto this past year- love, start from within.