Imagine a blank sheet of crisp-white coupon bond. Silent in it’s stillness, until you decide to create. We use paper as a starting point for our dreams, from paper airplanes to thesis papers. The blank sheet has been both a fear and an inspiration. In the beginning of 2017, I lined up as everyone else did, with the same blank sheet in hand. We all started to write and form and create together. Every single one came out different. Some wrote things like loosing bad habits, some started fires to detest the power of the sheet and some simply didn’t do anything with them. However, one way or another we were all standing in that same line, in the beginning of the year with the same white sheet. 2018 is fast approaching, something to remember is that- no matter how different our minds, bodies and souls we are all one and the same. All standing in a perfectly straight line with our crisp white coupon bond in hand as the clock resets to 1/1/2018.

dis Cris




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