OTR – Lucy & Lulu’s Road To The Elections – Live Blog! [Ended]

Hey! How are you guys?

Lucy* – Me!

Lulu* – Her.

Goodbye spring semester hello a couple weeks of freedom. Yaz! The past week has been a struggle between my mind who at 7:30 in the morning gives me the same “get it together speech” I woke up to all semester long and my body who just died a few seconds ago. I’m on vacation at the moment and I can’t seem to sleep past 7:30. Let me revive myself by saying I have intercession classes next week and yes the extra “es” means I have more than one, there you go I’m alive again. Haha! Other than receiving rude wake up calls from my mind and my body relentlessly decaying I’ve been trying to catch up with my friends, reminding them that I’m still alive and continuing to wander the earth. Yesterday, I met up with Lulu for some coffee when we struck a conversation about politics, meaning she asked me who I was voting for and I said “yes.” Well, within that moment of politics and complete confusion Lulu told me that she was turning in her primaries ballot at Clairemont Mesa today and I said, “I have no life, let me go with you,” and that my friends is my intro to Lucy & Lulu’s Road To The Elections.

I’ll be updating this blog with new pictures and entries every few hours. Enjoy, you guys!

7:28AM Lucy wakes up and informs lulu that his getting ready.

I’m getting ready.

7:29AM Lulu reschedules departure time.


[Well this is awkward, Lucy & Lulu’s Road To The Elections is taking a different direction. I departed for San Marcos at 11 AM to meet Lulu at Starbucks and on my drive there was informed that our Clairemont trip was being shelved.]

11:07AM Lucy informs Lulu that his on the way.

I’m on the way.

11:08AM Lulu drops the bomb.

Apparently I don’t have to go to sd to turn in my ballot

11:08 Lucy’s actual reaction.


[This is my second live blog and its definitely “live.” Don’t feel bad Lulu I still love you!  Have a good one you guys!]

Remember to 🙂 & be authentic. DISXCRIS


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