TALK – The All Mighty Universe.

Hey, how are you? : )

I’ll get straight to it. Never give up and always believe in yourself. With 22 years of existence comes 22 years of wrong decisions, which eventually leads to great ones. So here I am, one month from completing a gruesome 16 unit semester. I’m contemplating between two options, the better option and the “stop being mediocre” one. I know how it feels to be mediocre, doing what you can rather than doing your best. It feels just that, mediocre. Don’t get me wrong, some people actually have lives other than school. I on the other hand, don’t have an excuse. Well other than I’m focusing too much on my heart. Up until the end of 2015 I was the type of person who saw everyone as just friends. I had it all planned out. I was gonna live a happy “married to myself” life with a couple of dogs named Helga and Olga. It was the dream. Leave it to the year of the fire monkey to burn it all down. I liked someone, that’s so weird to admit. But I started to veer away from my focus which was Music and a second Major that I have yet to fully grasp. A week ago my brother and I drove to La Mesa for his Masters Program. We were waiting in his car because we overestimated the traffic and arrived early. We talked throughout the drive without even realizing, then it came- “we force to control the universe when in reality we’re powerless over our destinies.” My brother was unknowingly giving me life advice that I desperately needed. I was having this personal struggle about truly loving and potentially getting hurt. I was suppressing my emotions for the longest time, thinking that if I didn’t act on them then I wouldn’t feel pain. But the universe doesn’t like being controlled. I will continue to focus on my goals, up until the moment my destiny stops me in my tracks and makes me realize how much of a powerless human-being I truly am.









11 thoughts on “TALK – The All Mighty Universe.

  1. Christina Marlowe

    Dear DISCRIS,

    It is very good to ponder these things. I often do so too and, apropos, below is something that I wrote a few years back on the topic of Philosophy…

    As the wise, old and endearing Chinese character, Lee, in Steinbeck’s East of Eden, ponders; maybe nowadays there are just too many specialties. If everyone specializes in more and more esotery, then the more each looks at a particular tree, a specific branch, or even a small knot in it’s trunk, and the less they see the entire forest. And who will be left to philosophize on the larger scope, the infinity of life and the infinity of universe?

    Bertrand Russell knew this well: “philosophy…is able to suggest many possibilities, which enlarge our thoughts and free them from the tyranny of custom.” To be able to show familiar things in unfamiliar ways…to be able to break from the shackles of the ordinary and let the imaginings take you elsewhere. The more philosophy leads to less certainty, yet it also leads to more knowledge of what things may be, which removes, as Russell so aptly writes, “arrogant dogmatism.” Those who have never traveled into the region of liberating doubt are destined to lead ignorant, dull and largely innocuous lives.

    Socrates and his oft-quoted “the unexamined life is not worth living” points this out also in that those who don’t question their beliefs, their learnings and observations, and, more broadly, their own constructs of nations and of the world and beyond remain chained to their own blind certitudes.

    Albert Einstein, with his lifelong enchantment of the mystical and the wonderment of the universe, by all measures kept him brilliantly alive, learning and searching, never giving in to dogma or mere blind faith.

    Self-interest is not a factor. It is the mere sake of learning, the love of knowledge; not an attempt for any other reason.

    It is easily gleaned that the more one philosophizes the lesser and greater matters of life and the universe, the less certainty there will remain. And most are uncomfortable with uncertainty, choosing instead to follow old traditions and beliefs without much thought at all it seems.

    To continue on Bertrand Russell’s theme, “the contemplation enlarges not only the objects of our thoughts, but also the objects of our actions and our affections; it makes us citizens of the universe rather than citizens of one walled city at war with all the rest.” True freedom and liberation from the narrow confines of hopes and fears.
    CM 2002

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    • DIS CRIS

      I’ll be honest I had to read your piece a few times and google some of the words (haha!) but I definitely agree with the message. Its terrifying to choose the road less traveled because its uncertain. The path I’ve been traveling on is familiar, there’s still risks but I know what to expect.
      2016 has been challenging but I know its preparing me for the many twists and turns that is sure to come my way. Thank you for sharing your work! Some of my blogs are more travel oriented but hopefully I see more comments from you in the future. DISXCRIS

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