The Big Easy X An Adventure In Waiting

DSC00061 (2).jpg

CLICK to read part I – The Big Easy X Death By Humidity

I found myself laying flat on the humid floor of the Louis Armstrong International Airport. As my organs slowly shut down, I contemplated the stupid things I did in the few decades of my existence. I thought, “Im very thankful to have attempted every single one of them.” In the midst of my contemplations, it had finally arrived. My brothers glorious rental had just turned into the pickup lanes of the New Orleans Airport. To other people PT was just another car, but for me at that moment, the Cruiser was a rolling glimmer of hope. When I opened the passenger door, I had hallucinations of fog slowly cascading onto the humid concrete floor like clouds before entering the pearly gates. After picking myself up off the floor I realized the depiction I had deemed to my brother was more appropriately deemed to myself. Other than sweat magically appearing on the surface of my skin, New Orleans was an adventure in waiting. As far as I knew school was out and I was there for relaxation. Never mind the weather, The Big Easy was just that. “Take a load off, Cris. You deserve this!”



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