TALK – It Wasn’t Meant to Be?

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Its 7:44 PM here in San Diego and I might have made the biggest mistake by deleting my draft for The Big Easy X An Adventure In Waiting, Maybe it wasn’t meant to be? Well I also wasn’t feeling my writing to be honest. Life is too short to ignore the silent whispers from within. Okay, I don’t listen all the time but those “silent whispers/my gut” has gotten me out of so much trouble and doing the opposite has given me just that. Maybe thats what “trusting myself” means. Because people can judge based on their personal history and knowledge but who knows me better than my own gut? We’ve been through so much cold pizza and fried snickers that our bond will forever be set in stone. Well that solves it then, it was my guts fault why there isn’t a Part 2 at this moment. Ha! Note to future self: always follow your “gut.” Second note: you got it kid!

Im sorry to the subs who kept receiving this post un-edited, by the way. I forgot how busy I was going to be this past week so whenever something came up I would push the schedule of the automatic post for the next day, but then Id wakeup the next morning with an un-edited blog on DISCRIS.COM. Ha! The Big Easy X An Adventure In Waiting is in the works, so patience. But yeah, SUBSCRIBE TO DISCRIS.COM! 



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