Hello! Again :)

Man and Jellyfish


Whats up, you guys?

How long has it been? Oh yeah, 2 years. Haha, sorry. I’d like to say I’m disappointed, but this past few years have given me much knowledge about myself and who I want to be. If you’ve been subbed since the beginning, then you’ll know me as LAGOS— the blog, the author and the all around good guy. Haha!

So whats the dirt, you say? Its simple— life happened. Have any of you guys felt like you were living within glass walls? Well, thats why I started LAGOS, I was living a life where I felt everything I did was being judged. LAGOS was an escape, a place where no one knew me and where I was finally free to find my space in this world. But, when so much of you guys started to like my blogs, I felt very pressured to produce better posts. I felt those same walls closing-in on me again, but within a different world. At that moment I realized, finding myself meant I had to live outside the glass box, where I was one of them. The people who peered into the quarantine I had put myself in. And surprisingly, I was! Even when I was inside, I was one of them. I was impatient, I judged myself and I judged others for the same exact things I was doing. In that moment I realized I couldn’t account for other peoples actions, but I was responsible for my own. My place in this world is wherever I am at this moment and not ten years down the road when I feel I’ve achieved my dreams. Even if it is just me in my room, typing a blog about not writing for 2 years. Haha! I am part of a massive story within this universe.

So wherever you are, believe that you are part of a plan greater than yourself. Stop waiting for your time, because this is it. There is no time greater than this moment.


DSC00404 DSC00354 Credits to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans.


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