Happy Wednesday Peeps!

Peeps by the way is short for peoples. I know we’re going towards a whole different area right now, but “Marshmallow Peeps” is now selling snack size mini chicks and I am dying inside! All that marshmallow goodness compacted into a small chick just completes 2013 for me :).

Since Wednesday is my favorite weekday I made sure today’s post is extra special. Just recently, I went to the Cabrillo National Monument (San Diego, California) in search of the famous Old Point Loma Lighthouse. Getting there was a bit confusing since it sits on top of a hill in the very entrance to San Diego bay, but the 5 dollar entrance fee made it worth the trip.

Okay just so everyone knows, there isn’t any food here. Fortunately for you guys, you have me for the inside info. But when I heard they only had vending machines, I rummaged through my car like a mad man for some quarters and nickels. If you’ve ever seen a raccoon ravage through a garbage container, It was similar to that. Probably even worse because not ONE PENNY came up.  018 For some reason I was walking towards the back of the building. Well there was a reason, I was going towards the wind because my hair which was very long at this time was blocking my whole face. I felt like I had pasta hair and that I needed one of those bonnets from “Little House on the Prairie.” This panoramic picture was taken way beyond the danger zone on top of the cliffs. There was actually a little girl who went a tiny bit further than me, but I’d like to believe that I was the lone daredevil to cross the line.When I finally reached the front of the lighthouse I was astounded by how far my expectations were from reality. I was expecting a Lighthouse keeper, maybe some goats. Probably some bean cans scattered around the grounds and some lunch bell in the porch or something. Instead there was this sophisticated “oh those primal days” museum. I stormed out and took shots of the architecture instead. 5 dollar entrance fee per vehicle (good for 7 days).

Have a great rest of the week you guys!

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22 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday Peeps!

    • Lago

      Thank you. Just to be compared to one of the greats is an amazing complement. His paintings are spectacular, I would weep if I had his talent.


    • Lago

      Hahaha! I have seen grown men full on sob over a package of “the Peeps,” I can’t really say that about my photos. And I will probably shed a man tear or two, If I ever get to this factory.



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