Craze Balls.

It’s exactly a month and a week after my last post and I feel like I’ve given the blog a bit of a break, partly because I’ve been thinking of starting my own website which was my intention from the beginning. First problem, I have no funds to run this project and second, I’m terrified! For you guys who’ve seen this blog grow and followed me through this craze balls journey. I just wanted to let you guys know that you’re in it till’ the end. When you clicked that follow button and thought how cool my blog was, you just signed yourself up for the craziness that is this blog. If I go down in history as the most un amaze balls blogger ever, you’re all going down with me, like London bridge and that one egg with the horses. I know all your names so I can just call you guys out any minute.

Like “shovonc” who told me to stop eating Chinese food because little chinese people might grow from within me and claim my whole human being-ness. RESPECT!

Since I have committed into transferring sometime this year. You guys will here a lot more from me. I have thought of a regular post about commenting on your comments and pretty much making fun of you guys, so get ready! If anyone has any suggestions or tips or even things you want me to talk about, just comment below or contact me through my email: Please no pet problems in the email, my dog just pooped again in his favorite spot in my apartment and I’m thinking of strategies of how to handle it. In that note, follow me @lagodaily and like me on facebook!

Follow me! -Lago 🙂


8 thoughts on “Craze Balls.

    • Lago

      Thanks for the tip, I’m definitely taking it into consideration. Thank you for your time! I hope you followed cause I need more blogger friends. And your comments are just blowing my mind.


  1. felixviard

    Ever since I’ve been reading from you, it was always a lesson and a source of inspiration for my “beginner” posts. Go ahead! I’m sure you raise funds for the website! You can build a little business model based on the success of this blog! Running a website on your own might also cost you a lot of time! But good luck!



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