THE LAGO WAY – Vegas Part 1

The day started in an absolute rut. Since we wanted to get there as quick as possible (okay I did, you guys are such judgers) I made sure our check in time was so early that we had to get our stuff together way before sunrise. Well sunrise came and (freakin’) went 6 hours ago. We all woke up an hour before check in, which was at 1 in the afternoon. Me not waking up is primarily not my fault, because my alarm was set to level 9 rather than 10 and my body knows when its a notch lower. As for the other people in my group, they can speak for themselves because they didn’t even set alarms. After playing the blame game for a few minutes, we realized the deadline for picking the car up was an hour away and we had to storm to the rental place if we didn’t want to walk to Vegas. Luckily all the cars in the tier we reserved were all unavailable and they had no choice but to give us an upgrade. Score! Silver freakin’ lining!  After 10 hours of pure pandemonium we finally arrived in Las Vegas. I booked a room at the Planet Hollywood Resort which is in the middle of the strip between Paris and some other hotel. For people who like the hustle and bustle without having to be in the middle of things, I recommend a room with a view of the strip, it’s a bit pricey but if you’re like me that can’t tolerate heat it would be the best option during the summer season. The only thing I didn’t like about the PH was the parking, it’s so far from the main entrance that you either had to drop off everything in the front or drag your stuff through the Miracle Mile Shops (retail center) that connects the parking structure to the hotel. It does have the cool underground celebrity vibe to it, but shuttles or even golf carts would’ve been great.Unfortunately the sun already went down when we got there, so I had one of two options—take shots of the view or of Charlie Sheen’s sweaty stuff (like hand-cuffs placed inside a see through side table) installed all over the room. I chose the view.

Seriously with the hand-cuffs Planet Hollywood? If it were a different actor there wouldn’t even be an issue. Except if it were hair gel placed in a glass case from one of the Jersey Shore kids. Please tell me no one got stuck with a Jersey room at the PH?! If you did, we’re forming a freakin’ 2 man strike in front of the hotel, and anyone interested in volunteering— we’re holding friday meetings at the Carnival Buffet at the Rio. Just look for the crazy dude with pamphlets.

The hollywood experience in my bedroom was so literal that I slept right next to a picture of Charlie Sheen running in the same sweaty shirt that was hanging lighted on the wall. 

It was only our second day in Vegas and we were already in the brink of missing out on the most important meal of the day (in buffet form) (we payed $45 each for a 24 hour pass to most Harrah’s Entertainment buffets). I was a little on the edge with how deep into the property this place was but the thought of breakfast in (freakin’) buffet form just broke whatever sack in my brain that held the endorphins in. When we got there I didn’t even wait to get to the table, I shouted “Iced Tea” and ran to the buffet lines.”Le Village Buffet” was so crazy that there were eggs from 8 different continents, and we only have 7! I was betting on Atlantis but I thought China would’ve been the eight, since they already own everything (including the ocean, according to their “ancient maps”).Best day ever! After stuffing my face with eggs from different continents, I witness my dream car being driven and parked right in front of me. 2 key elements for buying my friendship— Jaguar and Continental eggs. Unfortunately my “Serious Trilogy” title has been scrapped because my Vegas trip summary will take more than 3 posts (I know you guys, you’re gonna be bored out of your minds if I post crazy long blogs). Watch out for the next VPs! Follow me @lagodaily on twitter and like me on facebook! Thanks for stopping by!

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51 thoughts on “THE LAGO WAY – Vegas Part 1

  1. shovonc

    I’m glad you’re alive to the challenge of China. Don’t let them take Las Vegas. Defend it with your last breath. And stop eating Chinese food — they’ll claim to own your stomachs.


  2. Maylana

    I loved this post and gorgeous pics to boot. You made me laugh regarding the eggs from “8” continents! And the blame game… been there before, waking up 1 hour before departure. Thanks for making me laugh!


    • Lago

      HAHAHA! I seriously planned the trip for months and it was so funny because after all the hard work we’ve all done with our schedules, the first day of relaxation turned out to be the most stressed we’ve ever been. It was all absolute fun though.



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