Charlie Sheen + Winning?

DSC00716Earning its spot on the Las Vegas strip, the Planet Hollywood resort has gone a long way from its Arabian themed past. Formerly known as the Aladdin resort, the leisure center has gone through multiple partnerships, acquisitions and bankruptcies. With new owners consistently trying to catch up to old debt, a much needed major re-branding and renovation had always been ignored, until the partnership between Planet Hollywood and Starwood emerged. Unfortunately the face lift didn’t do the job of keeping people in the property and in 2010 Caesars Entertainment took over the resort.During the Aladdin’s reopening weekend back in 2000, Josh Axelrad (infamous card counter/author) and his friends (card counter posse) took advantage of the inexperienced staff and took off with a considerable amount of cash. After 5 years he was able to generate $700,000 for himself and his squad.

The Planet Hollywood hotel is based on the restaurant chain conceptualized by Robert Earl (Former CEO of Hard Rock Cafe) and Keith Barish (Film Producer). The restaurant holds props from movie sets, sells celebrity merchandise and offers Hard Rock cafe food with a Hollywood twist. At one point Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and Arnold Schwarzenegger had their hand on the project and exchanged endorsement deals for stock options. Like the chain, each room in the PH has its own authentic Hollywood memorabilia as part of the interiors. We were lucky enough to land Charlie Sheen and his unwashed shirt. The guy who just dissed the creator of Two and a Half Men and lost his $1.25 million an episode deal. There were more of his stuff inside that round table near the window. It lit up.Sunrise over the valley.

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24 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen + Winning?

  1. @alipeoples

    I found Vegas fascinating when I went there, but I was mighty glad to leave in the end. Got straight into the car and hit the desert. Rebel Rebel by David Bowie was playing on the stereo. I had lost at least half my budget on roulette.


    • Lago

      Unfortunately the boxes were meant to preserve the shirt so I couldn’t smell anything (I was trying to think of a way that me breaking the glass would seem like an accident and I would get mad at the box people who were in charge of box maintenance and all) but I imagined it to smell like alcohol with a hint of newly printed money. (I was really hoping for the handcuffs on the box next to the window but it was either leave it alone or go to jail)


  2. tchistorygal

    I hope you like awards. I know you don’t need them, BUT… After much thought and reviewing your blog, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award. I have included a brief explanation of why I specifically nominated you in my blog. Thanks for inspiring me, and may you continue to inspire others. 🙂 ML


  3. wheniwasalad

    Is the Miracle Mile shopping mall still there? Never stayed at the place either in is present incarnation of when it was Aladdin but like most hotels in Vegas its huge and has an awful lot of rooms to fill.

    But since PH was finished competition has intensified just across the road, some interesting pictures as well, especially the Paris balloon. Good post.


    • Lago

      I actually took a better shot of the balloon with the glistening lake behind it and the semi sober people marching down the street below, but then I realized there was a 1 800 BABES advertisement plastered over a truck, sticking out of the picture, so now it was either crop the photo or get attacked by angry parents. I chose option one. 🙂


  4. bookzine

    Great post –
    Just wanted to let you know too that I’ve awarded you with two blogger awards – the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award – see the details on, dated June 25. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and images.


  5. kolembo

    Enjoyed this alot, I’ve never been to the West of Africa. Or is that just West Africa?
    The thought scares me, too big, too loud, too chaotic!

    Thanks for taking me there!



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