Sharks & Scuba Divers

Covering 8 acres of land, the Bellagio fountains was opened in 1998 to the tune of $40 million. Originally envisioned to be a water resort in the middle of the strip called Beau Rivage, Steve Wynn and his team decided to tone down the project and transfer the concept to a casino resort in Biloxi, Mississippi. Constructed above a desert floor, the Bellagio fountains have had controversies of the man made lake being filled with treated greywater (water recycled from laundry, dish washing and bathing) from the hotel since a considerable amount of freshwater would be needed to fill the basin. Fortunately decades before the building was constructed a fresh water well had been drilled to irrigate a golf course that previously occupied the lot. Consisting of 4,500 lights, 1,200 nozzles and extreme shooters that can send blasts of water up to 460ft high, this daily choreographed show has stood the test of time and today stands as the best attraction on the Las Vegas strip.I was supposed to include this post in the image summary of the whole trip later on, but when I saw how many shots I took of the fountains I realized how important it was. No matter how many times I watched the show either from my room or on the ground, there was something that made it feel like Vegas. At one point I was even imagining a shark attacking the scuba diver that was maintaining the fountain and I was debating if I should smash through the window and plummet 15 stories to the ground to save him. I was absolutely panicking in my head over this imaginary event that was happening. Happiest day of my life!

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40 thoughts on “Sharks & Scuba Divers

  1. tammyjonesthewriter

    We stayed at the Bellagio last time we were in Vegas and we absolutely loved it. We were fortunate enough to have a room that overlooked the fountains and you could often find us having before dinner drinks, sitting in front of the large window in our room watching the frequent shows. We were glad that the doorman told us that a certain channel on the tv piped in the music.

    To this day, every time certain songs come on, my husband and I look at each other and make the water fountain noises.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Tammy of “Walking in Pretty Shoes”


  2. Debra Colby-Conklin

    You know, that’s the one thing I didn’t happen to see the both times I was there. I always seemed to be doing something else (and there’s a lot of something else, in Vegas) and simply forgot about it. But, now I have something else to look forward to when I go again.


  3. szoutewelle

    I like your enthusiasm.
    Your blog is doing well popularity wise, it took mine 5 years to get 50 followers and about 30,000 hits. But I don’t do social media, so I guess that is a disadvantage.
    Anyway, keep going, your photos are beautiful.


  4. tchistorygal

    Don’t look yet, I haven’t written the post yet, but I am nominating you for the One Lovely blog award. I love your site, and you have inspired me along the way. Thanks and congratulations.


  5. wheniwasalad

    Great to stand and watch the water sway to the timing of the particular music playing at the time. Not sure if your picture is taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel, but its a great view.

    The only thing I could say is don’t stand too close to the loud speakers on the lamp posts around the edge of the pool LOL. I will get around to doing something about my time in Vegas at some point.


  6. tracye1

    We had the good fortune to stay at the Bellagio several years ago and it was breathtaking. The fountains were a very novel source of entertainment, we really enjoyed them. I transport to fond memories anytime I see the fountains, thanks for the pics and history!



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