Happy 1050th Follower!

I’m absolutely ecstatic! Again thank you for clicking on my photos and taking the time to read my crazy posts. I’m still getting the hang of things but I will try to use every single bell and whistle in this joint to get something new to you guys every time. I just opened a new twitter account (travelagos1) for some behind the scenes stuff so make sure to check that out and follow me there as well! -Lago 🙂



46 thoughts on “Happy 1050th Follower!

  1. Russel Ray Photos

    There are a bunch of us over at my blog who are confused. Where are all these posts of yours, your photographs and such, because they don’t seem to be here at this blog. When I click on your picture, all I get is your gravatar, and that has links to this blog and your Twitter account.


    • Lagos

      You’re really making me crazy. Am i being punked or something? When you click on the Travelagos site, that’s where all my posts are. I’m so confused.


  2. holythyname

    Congratulations on all your “likes” and followers. I hope I can get some followers my way too. You have a nice site here with great pictures. Thank you for liking my blog.


  3. 44elizabethstreet

    Hey friend congratulations on your deserved success. No wonder so many like your blog fresh, simple, stunning and to the point. Great shots again. Are you still in Vegas or somewhere else as I don’t think you mentioned although I’m sure there are many who know.


    • Lagos

      I’m not in Vegas and I’m sure no one knows where I am (not that much of a big shot yet) but I am working on other posts so stay tuned for that. Thanks for being a regular here in Lagos 44elizabethstreet!


  4. Angel

    I love the penguin picture especially, obviously. I’m a little partial to the flightless birds but I can’t help it. Thanks for being one of the first to visit me. I just started it today after I found the debate and was so fired up I couldn’t resist. Happy Reading!


    • Lagos

      Oh I did read that and your passion for this issue is crazy! I personally like twilight but lets see what hush, hush has to offer. Thanks for stopping by!



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