40 Million + Some

Situated between the Monte Carlo and Cosmopolitan the CityCenter is a site to be seen, not only from the outside but from within. After my trip I was digging through articles and features when I stumbled upon some hefty price tags. With billions spent on the architecture, an unexpected 40 million was spent on the CityCenter’s fine art collection. With renowned artists like Maya Lin and Henry Moore covering from walls to corners, the CityCenter has set itself apart from the rest of the crowd. Before going to the center I had one installation in mind to feature, the “Big Edge” by Nancy Rubin. Rubin has been known for using recycled materials with her work and so she did with the “Edge.” Composed of suspended canoes jotting out from a single base structure the “Edge” definitely holds its own among the other center structures. Since it was located in front of the Vdara which (to me) was nowhere near the Crystals structure I thought to just feature the smaller galleries within half a kilometer radius from the center exits.

Since I gave up on the Nancy Rubin installation I didn’t expect to do this post but while looking through the shots I’ve taken, pieces of art I didn’t expect to be relevant were actually very well known. On the crossroads between the Crystals structure and Aria a piece by Henry Moore emerged from one of my photographs. The “Reclining Connected Forms”  is a piece well known for its embodiment of Moore’s style in art (fundamentals of human experience). Since most of his pieces are abstract it leaves the audience to view it in their own way (it was taken from behind of the piece but tell me that landscape isn’t a good shot).

What do you think?

Weighing the most out of the CityCenters budget on fine art, the Crystals retail hub (Not part of the 40 Million) was designed by Daniel Libeskind (exterior) and David Rockwell (interior). The duo started the project like any other art piece—finding an inspiration and making a sample render, then putting that rendering into architectural terms of corners, volume, height, etc. The retail center was inspired by a modern tree house. Since Libeskind concentrated on the actual structure, Rockwell followed through with the idea inside and created a few original pieces for the interiors. Lining the halls with modern trees, bamboo staircases and his own version of the tree house (he didnt want to be outshined by the Libeskind if you tell me) the inside looked like a modern jungle where stores of Miu Miu, Prada and Louis Vuitton were mere stalls filling the empty corners of the masterpiece that is the Crystals Center.

Studio Daniel Libeskind

Rockwell Group

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48 thoughts on “40 Million + Some

  1. engchick23

    I like the angles on some of those buildings, particularly Photo # 4. The lifelike poses of Photo 3 caught me, too, as did the picture of the car. Love the color, but I’d hate to have to park it!

    Thanks! 🙂


  2. ramshazia

    Stunning post and sooo interesting! thank you for sharing and for also visiting my blog otherwise I may not have found you 🙂 instantly followed! your writing is concise and interesting and the photographs bring it all together beautifully! Good luck!


  3. kristilynk

    Hi, I love the photos (and thank you for liking my posts otherwise I wouldn’t have found yours!) Your writing is good as well but I have one tiny tiny request 😉 When writing about a place it may be a good idea to write as if no one in the world knows the location. Why? Because I have no idea where this CityCentre is? I see the title is Lagos – Daily Dose of Lagos but I do not know..is Lagos your name or are you documenting about Lagos, Nigeria? 😉 Keep up the work! I do enjoy your writing style and pictures as well!!


    • Lagos

      Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely incorporate locations next time. Lagos is unfortunately not about Nigeria, it came from somewhere else. I am in the brink of making sense in my about page so people can understand what Lagos is really about. Thanks kristilynk!


  4. scrapunzel1

    So, I just found you & find this interesting. Are you stopping your blogging in 12 days? Or are you going to start blogging on something else? Thanks for posting at my blog!



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