Rooftop Rager

It was our last night in Vegas and it was ABSOLUTELY HOT outside. After a long day of walking, visiting attractions and watching shows we decided to go back up to our room and wipe up all the sweat we had just released into the world. Well maybe I did. It was not relatively early since it was 10 PM, but in Vegas, that’s early. I know I’m sort of breaking the “Vegas Rule” with my first official post, which turns out to be a non-existent rule, but for you guys I’m fine going to a non-existent Vegas jail. Okay so I get out of the shower and look outside my window and there it was: A big rager on top of the Cosmopolitan! There was a massive stage where the pool used to be and tons of people. I’m not even sure if there were any seats since the whole area was so packed. I really thought this was a nightclub of some sort because of all the lights and balloons but it was actually a concert by “The Flaming Lips.” I don’t know if any of you heard of them but they were huge when their single (She Don’t Use Jelly) was released by Warner Brothers during the 1990s.  They’re actually more well-known in the UK and in Europe since they had more than 1 song that everyone liked over there. The concert was staged based on their She Don’t Use Jelly music video just magnified enough to consume the whole rooftop.I was really waiting for at least one balloon to fall into the strip but not even 1 confetti flew into the street. Guh! If anyone saw me I would’ve looked like a kid watching a cat and a fishbowl. Just waiting for something to happen. Well the concert was so good. I was asking a few people online of who went and some were actually from Europe and the UK. I do agree with them that they throw one of the best concerts because of the inclusion of the audience. At one point the lead singer even jumps into a Hamster Ball and rides the crowd. That’s what the slides are for in the photos. If they came back this year to anywhere near southern California I’d probably pay to see it since their songs are perfect for concerts (perfect for singing with them while you’re loosening up in the crowd and getting crazy). Below are a few more photos of the ROOFTOP RAGER. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Cat and a Fishbowl mode

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10 thoughts on “Rooftop Rager

  1. dlkoch

    great site! Great pictures and documentary! I’ll be checking your site out again. Thanks for checking mine out, I’m still learning how this all works.


  2. Shannon Hadley

    I’m so jealous. Flaming Lips are one of our favorite bands to see live because it’s such an experience. The first time I saw them, they were an opening act, and I’d never taken drugs, but I felt like it must be what it’s like to be trippin’…there were just too many odd visuals and so much to take in all at once. Great overview shots to include the giant balloons.


    • Lagos

      I know! I think they never took drugs though. It is so funny how you went from being all defensive and never taking drugs to what its like to be trippin.’ Emphasis on the trippin.’ You are hilarious! Thank you for completing my day.


      • Shannon Hadley

        Haha, I’m not sure it was defensive, but matter of fact 🙂 I like to emphasize that I haven’t because it was a bizarre scene to witness at first, but enjoyable enough that we’ve revisited the “trippin” atmosphere several times since. Plus I love their music, so unique.


      • Lagos

        Haha I’m just playin.’ But they do have good music and their videos are very different. After that night I kinda got obsessed with their Jelly song and crashed my computer just playing it again and again.



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